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2016 Sessions:

  • SpringJanuary 6 - April 29

Urban Teaching Practicum

Student teaching through the Chicago Center is and incredibly rewarding experience. In our program orientation and in a pre-program visit, you’ll visit your school, meet the staff you’ll be working with, and see what our neighborhood and housing is like before you start the program, to make sure your internship experience goes smoothly. Then, you’ll work in a school setting to gain the credit you need to complete your teaching degree.

Renee Pierce (Fall 2009, Illinois Wesleyan University) Student Teacher at Kelly High School and Franklin Fine Arts Elementary.

Education Seminar

A weekly education seminar offers support and preparation for quality teaching. This seminar is informed with a specialized emphasis on teaching within a diverse population.

School Placements

Our careful selection of school placements gives every student-teacher the experience of teaching in a diverse environment. Our placements in all grade levels include magnet programs, alternative schools, neighborhood schools and college prep academies. Small and large schools, special education, bi-lingual and fine arts placements give you many options in your selection process.

Stephanie Sablich (Fall 09-Spring 10, Anderson University) Student Teacher at Jahn Elementary


You’ll enroll on campus for the same credits as if you were staying there to complete your student teaching. Your certification requirements for your state and campus’ program will be met by your Chicago Center program. Check with your department or campus liaison for more information.

School Observation Requirement

The May or January Term can be tailored to meet your School Observation Requirements. Most campuses simply require that your seven day placement practicum locate you in a Chicago Public School. Contact your campus liaison for more information.

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