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Redefine your classroom and discover a whole new world of learning. Jumpstart your career with a professional placement in your field of study while earning credit toward your degree. Where will your education take you? For over 50 years, students have found their answer with off-campus study at Chicago Center.

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Turn the country's third largest city in to home for a semester or summer. At Chicago Center, we specialize in helping students transition from their small towns and campuses to big city living with an emphasis on community and safety. Visit us in Hyde Park to find out more!



What lies behind Chicago's beautiful skyline? Find out what the many communities of Chicago have to say through innovative citywide seminars! Studying at Chicago Center is a unique opportunity to learn from the diversity of experience represented here. 

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Bring your future degree to life through a professional placement in Chicago. Internships through Chicago Center are challenging, skill oriented, and the platform for future success. Tell us your major and see what is possible!

Go beyond the traditional

Chicago Center Response to Covid-19

We are excited to welcome students to Chicago Center this spring on January 3! In preparing for the spring, we are implementing the same guidelines that enabled us to have successful programs in the summer and fall. We are looking forward to working with students, schools, local businesses and organizations this spring to provide meaningful placements and learning opportunities.


In addition to following all local and national guidelines regarding COVID-19, Chicago Center is implementing a COVID-19 Plan.