Chicago Center Response to Covid-19

"After much thought and planning, we are excited to welcome 8 students to Chicago Center this summer on June 17! As Chicago enters the next phase in its reopening plan, we are looking forward to working with students, local businesses and organizations this summer to provide meaningful internship and learning opportunities. This decision did not come easily and was made after communicating with local partners and students alike. 


In addition to following all local and national guidelines regarding COVID-19, Chicago Center is implementing the following policies:


1. We are fortunate to have housing capacity that allows for social distancing in the home and will limit one student/bedroom and no more than five students/floor. 


2. All students will begin their internships remotely and transition to in person operations in accordance with local guidelines for COVID-19 and organizational policy. 


3. Students will participate in virtual seminars highlighting Chicago's neighborhoods. We will limit the number of traveling seminars to later in the term and only in accordance with local health guidelines. The seminar is planned with the intention it can be completed virtually for this reason. 


4. We will prioritize students' health and safety at all times by requiring the use of PPE whenever traveling outside of the housing facility and requiring best hygienic practices when at home. 

Please contact me at if you have any questions."

Lane Chesebro, Executive Director

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