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Picture Yourself in the City and Begin Your Journey Today!

One semester or summer. Endless opportunities.

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Turn the country's third largest city into your home for a semester or summer. 


Study at the Chicago Center and  experience a unique opportunity to learn from the diversity of experiences represented in our city.

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Bring your future degree to life through a professional placement in Chicago. 

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Allison Nesbitt 
 Fall 2022

Above all, my time at the Chicago Center has made me career ready and not just that, but I have a deeper understanding of interconnectedness of communities and urban issues in Chicago. 


Drew Singleton fall 2018

The Chicago Center gave me the opportunity to not only learn a brand new city, but also challenged me to grow as an educator and person. 


Liney figueroa summer 2021

Since my Chicago Center experience, I've been able to appreciate every neighborhood I step foot in, and for that, I am very grateful!

What Our Alumni Are Saying


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City Living

A major component of our program is Chicago itself. How will you access the city while you're here?

Application Deadlines

Get all the information you need about when to apply and what’s required.

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