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Urban Internship Program

For over 50 years, the Chicago Center has helping students like you find the perfect internship for a semester or summer. No matter your major, you are guaranteed to find a placement that meets your career goals. 

Urban Social Work Program

There is no better place to put the knowledge you've gained in your social work program on campus to the test than in an urban environment like Chicago. Endless opportunities await for you to complete your social work practicum with the Chicago Center. 

Urban Student Teaching Program

Begin your teaching career with the Chicago Center and complete your student teaching practicum in one of the largest school districts in the nation! You will gain valuable experience in an urban environment that will stick with you no matter where you teach in the future.  

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Frequently Asked Questions
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City Living

A major component of our program is Chicago itself. How will you access the city while you're here?

Application Deadlines

Get all the information you need about when to apply and what’s required.

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