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Life After the Chicago Center

"Without the opportunity that the Center gave me, I'm not sure if I would have found my "perfect" career!"


Ohio Wesleyan University


Spring 2022:
BEYOND the chicago center

The Chicago Center’s experiential education will teach you how to think, analyze, and question assumptions, solve problems, and navigate the world with a lifelong sense of curiosity — skills that will get you noticed by employers and grad schools.


of student teachers will begin their teaching career. 


of social work students were offered jobs.


were admitted into graduate school. 

CCULC Alumni:
Where are they now?

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Taylor Perez, SU'20

Hyde Park Herald

McPherson College

Urban Internship Program

Taylor is currently a graduate teaching assistant at Oklahoma State University where she is completing her Master's Degree. This summer she will be completing an internship with Walker Sands. 

"The Chicago Center gave me the experience I needed to have a one-up on my resume!"

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Laurel Overstreet, SU'15

The Field Museum 

Anderson University

Urban Internship Program

Laurel is an Exhibit Developer for Luci Creative in Chicago. 

"My internship with The Field Museum in 2015 helped me make the connections that led to a second internship with them in 2017, and that internship ultimately led me back to Chicago and the position I'm in now."

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