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The Chicago Center offers you the opportunity to gain college credit while living and learning together with other college students.

With our help, you will secure a professional, accredited internship and housing in the vibrant and diverse city of Chicago.


You can explore career paths through real-world applications and rigorous, seminar-style courses. Upon completion of the program, you will leave Chicago with a strong sense of your abilities, social and professional aspirations, and a plan for your future.

what you need to know

For your participation in our summer and semester programs, you will receive credit for your placement and seminar. Now is a great time to take the following steps:


  1. Meet with your campus advisor to see how this will fit into your four year plan and determine the credits you will receive for your participation in our program.

  2. Make sure you know about any applications and deadlines you might need to complete on campus to be approved for off-campus study.

  3. Check in with your financial aid office to determine your cost to attend. Use our Cost Estimate Work sheet to determine a financial plan.


application deadlines

  • Summer - April 1 

  • Fall - June 1

  • Spring - October 15

Before You Begin
Begin your Application

let's get started!

1. Download our application checklist! This document will help you stay organized as you complete the application process. 

2. Complete your Online Application - ensure your resume and unofficial transcript are ready to upload for this step!

Applications to the Chicago Center include the following:

  • Resume

  • Short Essay

  • Unofficial Transcript

  • Letter of recommendation

3. Submit your application and pay the $50, non-refundable application fee.

After Applying

What's next?

You will receive an email with:

  1. A faculty recommendation form - you will send this to a professor to complete

  2. A personal recommendation form - you will send this to a professor, coach, resident director, or boss to complete.

  3. A placement interest form (internship and social work programs only)

After you complete all of these components, you will receive our college credit form. This form helps us determine the credits you will receive for your participation in our program and to know you have gone through all the proper channels on campus to be approved for off-campus study. 


Ready to enroll?

Once you have been accepted to our program, you will need to complete the Intent to enroll form and pay your $100 intent to enroll fee. 

Remember there are scholarships available for each semester if you meet the following deadline: 

  • Commit by November 1 for Spring semester - $1,000

  • Commit by March 1 for our Summer semester - $500

  • Commit by May 1 for our Fall semester - $1,000

Check with you financial aid office to make sure you are eligible for these additional scholarships.

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