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Thank you for your interest in joining the Chicago Center team!

We are currently hiring for the following position/s:

Student Teaching Site Supervisor (High School Science)

Student Teaching Site Supervisor (Music Education)

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Student Teaching Site Supervisor (Physics or Music Education)


About the Chicago Center

The Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture has been a leader in off-campus study and urban education since its founding more than 50 years ago. We partner with community leaders throughout Chicago to deliver high-impact, transformative experiences to college students from across the US through three key programs in education, social work, and internships.

Based in Hyde Park, the Chicago Center prepares students for greater success in life both personally and professionally. Our programs provide students with preparation for the work they want to do after graduation and to be lifelong learners and global citizens.

About the Role

The Chicago Center hires site supervisors each semester to observe and coach education students during their student teaching semester, in various areas and subjects.
Our immediate need is for High School Science and Music Education Site Supervisors. The candidate will have teaching experience in these subject areas.


  • A minimum of six visits to each student teacher’s classroom; eight for split placements:​

  • Initial joint visit, within the first week, with Cooperating Teacher and Student Teacher, to

establish communication and expectations. Orient the cooperating teacher(s) to paperwork
and Chicago Center expectations. Assess and assist with Student Teacher/Cooperating Teacher
team building.

  • Six formal lesson observation/evaluation visits to each student teacher, meeting the student’s

College of Education requirements as stated in their student teacher handbook, including the
specified number of written observation feedback forms. Submit these written reports to the
Urban Teaching Program Director for distribution to the college. Provide lesson plan feedback
and discuss observed lessons with the student teacher. Meet informally with the cooperating
teacher during these visits as necessary.

  • For split placements, we require three observations per site (six total), plus the initial meeting.

  • Facilitate three-way conferences for midterm and final evaluations. Complete written

evaluations of the student teacher’s performance at these times to be submitted to the Director
for distribution to colleges. Observations can precede these conferences.

  • If for any reason a student teacher requires a remediation plan, more regular visits may be


  • Attend an initial orientation meeting with all Education Program staff and students.

  • Attend a final dinner and conversation at the end of the semester when paperwork is due.

  • Read and respond to students’ weekly journals.

  • Communicate regularly with the Urban Teaching Program Director about student progress or


  • Be accessible to and provide support to the student teachers and the cooperating teachers

between visits as needed.

  • Learn to know students well enough to write for them.

  • Represent CCULC with school administrators and/or college faculty as necessary.

  • Students are independently responsible for meeting campus-based requirements for student

teaching, including work samples such as EdTPA. However, Site Supervisors support or assist the
student teacher in keeping on track with responsibilities as is possible.

  • Write recommendations for student teachers if asked.

Application Process

All interested applications should fill out an application and submit a resume at the bottom of this page. 
For more information, please contact: 

Nancy Friesen    
Urban Teaching Program Director

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