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Staff and leadership

meet the Team


Tyler Hough, MS

Executive Director


Cameron Dreher-Siefkes

Deputy Director


Ally Franz

Program Manager

Tyler brings nearly a decade of experience in higher education and nonprofit development, including at the University of Chicago, Loyola University Chicago, and launching a national coalition of colleges focused on education equity with the Coalition for College Access. Tyler has a master’s degree in higher education policy from Northwestern University and studied finance at the University of Chicago and political science at Loyola University Chicago. As an avid runner, Tyler spends his time on the lakefront path during the summer and enjoys visiting Chicago's different neighborhoods for the food, coffee shops, and architecture.

Cameron fell in love with Chicago in the summer of 2009 as a student of the Chicago Center. After graduating from Southwestern College in 2010 with a degree in communication, she was thrilled to return to the Center for her apprenticeship as the recruitment and campus relations coordinator. She was hired on as the administrative coordinator in 2012 and became the marketing director in January of 2016. Cameron began her new role in June of 2021, Living in Chicago has Cameron constantly feeling spoiled as there is never a shortage of things to do!

Ally attended the Chicago Center’s program as a social work student during the spring of 2017. After graduating from Luther College in 2017 and spending a few years back home in Iowa, she returned to the city for her apprenticeship as program coordinator during the year 2020. She is now excited to transition into her position as program manager. Her favorite things about Hyde Park are Philz Coffee and spending time on the lakefront. 


Greer Anderson

Admissions Officer 


Chelsea Cooks 

Communications Coordinator 

IMG_0524 (2)_edited.jpg

Frita Amor 

Program Coordinator

Greer Anderson is an alumnus of the Summer 2018 program. After graduating with a theatre and communications Studies degree, Greer was thrilled to be back in Chicago as a program coordinator helping others make it their home! Greer has now transitioned into the role of admissions officer, where they continue to excel. Often, Greer can be found listening to podcasts on a range of topics, practicing Swedish, or discovering the haunted places of Chicago.

Chelly is a recent Chicago Center alumna of the Fall 2020 internship program. She graduated from Alma College this fall and received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. Now transitioning from a student to program coordinator she is excited to complete her apprenticeship and provide a great experience for future students. While Chelly attended the Chicago Center, she fell in love and explored several areas of the city. Some of her favorite things to do are visit museums, try out different restaurants, and view murals.

Frita is from Maui, Hawaii, and has fallen in love with the Chicago lifestyle. As a recent Chicago Center student teaching alumnus from the Fall 2021 program. She earned her bachelor's degree in Elementary education through Bethany College. Frita is passionate about assisting others and sharing her expertise in any way that would benefit those around her. Her stay at the Chicago Center has impacted her in unimaginable ways in her life-long learning. She is hopeful that her new position as program coordinator will help future Chicago center students have a meaningful experience. Her favorite thing about living in Chicago so far is the sense of community it has to offer. 


Julian Thompson, PhD

Urban Internship and Social Work Director 


Nancy Friesen

Urban Student Teaching Director 

Julian brings to the Chicago Center an academic background in both sociology and social work. He utilizes the tools of critical social work to engage students on a wide array of issues related to their field placements and the broader context of Chicago and beyond. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his kids, exploring great restaurants, attending music events, and biking through the city when the weather is nice.

Nancy attended the program as an undergraduate and fell in love with the city and the Center’s educational philosophy.  She has an MS in teaching from U of C and over 15 years of classroom teaching experience.  She’s worked with Chicago Center for over 25 years and has served as student teaching program director since ’09.  She loves learning and helping others learn.  She enjoys creating nature walks, art and music, and attending cultural events in the city. 

Board of directors

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