Finances and Term Dates

Fall 2020 - Summer 2021


Summer 2021: June 2 - July 28

Fall 2021: August 22 - December 10

Spring 2022: January 5 - April 29


Semester: matriculating college tuition + $5800 residency fee + $300 city activity expense

Summer: $5900 (includes tuition and residency fee) + $200 city activity expense

Explanation of Fees

Tuition: Students attending Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture (CCULC) for a semester pay tuition to their college/university of matriculation. CCULC bills the college/university of matriculation the advertised full-time semester tuition for credits earned from the partner college while the student is at CCULC. Chicago Center is committed to matching all institutional scholarships that would be applicable on campus but will not be available to the student for off-campus study.  Most students will pay the same tuition amount they do when studying on campus. 
Financial arrangements for students who have exceptionally reduced tuition will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis according to availability of funds and policy of the partner university.
The Summer session is billed at a flat rate that includes all expenses related to attendance. Chicago Center's scholarship matching policy does not apply to this term.  
City Residency Fee: The City Residency Fee includes a shared, furnished apartment with internet, cable TV,  and all utilities; a shared food account, orientation costs (including tickets to numerous cultural events); textbooks and in-city transportation including an unlimited transit pass. 
Class Activity Expense: The City Activity Expense is an estimate of direct out-of-pocket costs required as part of CCULC program events, e.g. lunch on a tour. The City Activity Expense is not remitted to Chicago Center, but is an estimate of required expenses provided for the convenience of the student in determining financial aid needs. It does not include personal spending money. 
Miscellaneous Fees: The application to participate in the program includes a fee of $50, and a refundable security depsit of $100 is due upon arrival in Chicago. 

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