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Continue the legacy


For 50 years, Chicago Center has provided a unique learning experience for students. On this day of giving, together we can ensure student experiences like the one featured in our video of Meghan Kindred from our Summer 2019 program can continue. Today, invest in the Center and invest in cultivating future leaders, personal and professional growth, and the development of cultural competency. 




"The Chicago Center has allowed me to accept my cultural diversity and apply it into the classroom to not only become a better educator, but to become the educator the students need."

Personal Growth

"I'm appreciative for my experiences at CCULC because they helped me develop a lot as a person. I'm now confident I can navigate large cities on my own and advocate for myself more effectively because of what I've learned."

Professional Growth

"I was fortunate enough to intern with the University of Chicago Police Department’s Community
Relations Unit where I worked with the police and youth at a local middle school. With goals of becoming a
criminal law attorney, working at a police force with a former attorney as the Director was the perfect
match for me."



 "I was looking for perspective. Chicago has so much to offer because of the vast array of backgrounds that are coming together. To be able to observe and experience that in a public school system is so crucial in order to become culturally competent and to provide the best education for students because all students have diverse needs."

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