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The Chicago Center Expands Partnership with Ripon College to Grow Internship Opportunities for Students

Updated: Jun 21

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Cameron Dreher-Siefkes

(773) 363-1312

The Chicago Center and Ripon College expand their longtime partnership that will allow students from any major to participate in the Chicago Center’s Urban Internship Program. Traditionally, only students with interest in the Urban Student Teaching Program have been able to spend a semester in Chicago. 

Since 1970, the Chicago Center has provided students with professional opportunities to test drive their professional interests through innovative, experiential learning opportunities in Chicago. Students become global citizens with greater self-awareness and career preparedness. 

“Many Ripon College students have made Chicago their classroom through our Urban Student Teaching Program over the years,” said Executive Director Tyler L. Hough, MS. “I am thrilled that Ripon College has chosen to partner with the Chicago Center to better support its mission of preparing students for socially responsible citizenship.”

Ripon College’s Catalyst curriculum rigorously cultivates essential skills sought by employers, integrating career and professional development throughout the students' four-year journey. Catalyst allows students ample flexibility to pursue multiple majors and minors, gain applied experiences, participate in sports, undertake internships, and graduate within four years.

"The Ripon College Catalyst curriculum provides our students with robust opportunities to develop 21st century skills and we believe the internship program at the Chicago Center will further prepare our students with practical experiences to thrive in a globalized world,” said Ripon College Vice President and Dean of Faculty John Sisko, PhD.

Through this expanded collaboration, Ripon College students will now have the unique opportunity to engage with Chicago's vibrant professional landscape. The Urban Internship Program offers placements across a diverse array of industries, providing students with hands-on experience critical for career success. This initiative aligns seamlessly with Ripon College's commitment to producing well-rounded graduates equipped with practical skills and real-world knowledge.

About the Chicago Center

For nearly 55 years, the Chicago Center has leveraged the power of place and people to create transformative student learning experiences. Today, the Chicago Center prepares students to be global citizens with greater self-awareness and career preparedness. 

We help students gain practical experiences through internships and develop a critical consciousness to change the world.  By cultivating strategies for thinking and cultural learning through a community-based approach, the Chicago Center prepares our alumni to be lifelong learners and change agents in communities across the globe.

About Ripon College

Ripon College, established in 1851, is a national leader in innovative liberal arts education. 

Ripon College prepares students of diverse interests for lives of productive, socially responsible citizenship. Our liberal arts curriculum and residential campus create an intimate learning community in which students experience a richly personalized education. Within six months of graduation, 98 percent of alumni are employed, in graduate school or student-teaching.

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