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The Chicago Center has been selected as 2023-24 Compass Pro Bono Grantee

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

For Immediate Release


Tyler Hough

(815) 579-0867

CHICAGO, IL—The Chicago Center has been selected as a 2023-24 grantee with Compass Pro Bono. The partnership includes more than $75,000 in pro bono services and focuses on a strategic consulting project that will kickoff in the spring of 2024.

The Chicago Center is proud to announce its selection as a 2023-24 Compass Pro Bono Grantee. This prestigious partnership will provide the Chicago Center with more than $75,000 in pro bono strategic consulting services.

The project, slated to commence in spring 2024, aims to enhance the Chicago Center's impact through focused brand and positioning strategies. The initiative will evaluate and refine the Chicago Center's branding and messaging to better resonate with our target demographics.

“Partnering with Compass Pro Bono presents an exciting opportunity to amplify the transformative experiences our students and alumni gain in Chicago. As we look toward the next chapter of our organization, this project will be pivotal in sharpening our messaging to reflect the Chicago Center's expansion and the evolution of our offerings." - Executive Director Tyler L. Hough, MS.

About the Chicago Center

For more than 50 years, the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture has been leveraging the power of place and people to create transformative experiential learning experiences and internships for college students. We are building a community of critical thinkers devoted to using our talents to build a more just world. By cultivating strategies for critical thinking and cultural learning through a community-based approach, the Chicago Center prepares our alumni to be lifelong learners and change agents in communities across the globe.

About Compass Pro Bono

Compass Pro Bono forges lasting ties between local nonprofits and local business professionals to empower thriving, equitable, resilient communities.

They believe nonprofits serve a critical role in our local communities, and Compass Pro Bono is here to partner so they can do what they do better. For over two decades, Compass Pro Bono has curated strategic volunteer engagements by tapping into the local business community to deliver the best of business – in terms of both people and practices – to local nonprofits.

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