Short Term Programs


Make Chicago your classroom for anywhere from one day to one week! Whether teaching art, history, sociology, business, environmental science, social work, education, or any other field on campus Chicago Center will design a schedule specific to your focus and learning goals. We have been designing short term programs for over 45 years and are responsible for over 10,000 LearnChicago! schedules. For more information about bringing a short term group please contact Ally Franz, Program Manager, at

"We would like to thank you all for making our visit so richly packed. I have received students' reflections, and its beautiful to see how every part of their experience from having strangers invade their space in buses, to learning from familiar and unfamiliar after school program designs, and even to the flowery language in "Jesus Hopped the A Train" helped in breaking their social walls and empathize with multiple perspectives.  Even as my students are leading elementary children in science activities at a Forest Nature Area this week, and behaving like it's ever ok to hold snakes, they are still discussing several topics based off their Chicago visit. I could not ask for anything better."

-Jessie Store, Assistant Professor of Education at Alma College