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Complete your practicum in chicago!


Chicago Center gave me the confidence and experience I needed to transition out of college and into the working world. The semester-long internship helped me gain a deeper understanding of where I want my social work and dance career to take me and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to grow in a place like Chicago."

Luther College

La Casa Norte


Begin Your Career

For a practical social work experience, there is no better place to start your career than with Chicago Center. Through our placements, you can work in a variety of fields: refugee and immigrant services, medical social work, family services, HIV/AIDS services, community organizing and more. Jana Mueller, SP'19 from Luther College, reflects, "My internship at Access Living led me to start my career at RAMP right after graduation. Both agencies are part of the Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living (INCIL). The experience with the Chicago Center showed me that working with people with disabilities is what I want to do with my social work degree." Click the link below for list of sites we've worked with recently!

classroom to workplace

Expand your educational experience and live in the great city of Chicago. Take what you've been learning in your classrooms on campus and apply it in a professional setting. You will earn college credit and prepare for your future career through challenging and rewarding internships. Read some of our student testimonials to hear about their transitions from student to professional!


Professional Development

Chicago Center chooses Practicum Placements that have proven track records. Our goal is the same as yours: To prepare you to be the best social worker and to broaden your options for where you will choose to practice once you graduate. Placements are chosen in compliance with the standards and requirements for the BSW degree at your college and for your state. Chicago Center offers a wide spectrum of practicum site possibilities. Your practicum placement will be assigned to you based on your interests and certification needs.

Click the button below to hear from Madi Brauer about their experience at La Casa Norte!



During a weekly seminar with Chicago Center’s social work instructor, students become aware of the needs and concerns of diverse urban populations at both program and policy levels. You will also adapt and refine your interview and assessment skills. As part of the program you will fulfill all the requirements (written andreporting) of your campus’ program. The Seminar Instructor will also serve as a liaison to your campus. The Seminar meets once a week for 2-3 hours, and will include occasional weekend events. Click the button below to begin a conversation with Admissions Officer Greer Anderson and see what Chicago Center can do for your future goals in the field of social work. 

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