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Complete your practicum in chicago!

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Student teaching program 

"The Chicago Center has absolutely pushed me to grow in all the ways I wanted to and much beyond what I expected. To be able to finally live out my dream of being a teacher in such a remarkable place absolutely transformed who I once was into who I am now. Everyday I was immersed in a remarkably raw and authentic experience of life in and outside of Chicago’s classrooms. I came to realize that there is so much life that bridges us as students in the classroom and students in the world."

Morgan King, Luther College

Gage Park High School and Shields Middle School

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Student teaching through the Chicago Center is an incredibly rewarding experience. Our goal is the same as yours: To prepare you to be the best teacher and to broaden your options for where you will choose to teach once you graduate. "The Chicago Center has allowed me to not only step out of my comfort zone and find where I wanted to spend the next few years of my career, but also allowed me to become the best version of my self yet. I feel more prepared and eager for the next few years of my professional career than ever before." Click below to hear Bailey Baker, SP'18 & FA'19, talk about her experience at A.N. Pritzker Elementary!

classroom to workplace

Expand your educational experience and live in the great city of Chicago. Take what you've been learning in your classrooms on campus and apply it in a professional setting. You will earn college credit and prepare for your future career through challenging and rewarding internships. Read some of our student testimonials to hear about their transitions from student to professional!


Why complete Your Practicum Experience in chicago?

Professional Development

Chicago is home to the country's fourth-largest school district, with over 600 schools. Our placements in all grade levels include neighborhood schools, magnet programs, alternative schools, and college prep academies. Our careful selection of school placements ensures every student-teacher the experience of teaching in a diverse and supportive environment. Additionally, small and large schools, special education, bi-lingual, and fine arts placements give you many options in your selection process. Click below for a list of schools we've partnered with recently!

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A weekly education seminar offers support and preparation for quality teaching. This seminar is informed with a specialized emphasis on teaching within a diverse population. Occasionally, the seminar will feature guest speakers with expertise in different aspects of the teaching field. Discussion may include special education, teachers unions, education policy, principals and school leadership, and student teachers' identities in the classroom. Click the icon below to begin a conversation with Nancy Friesen, Urban Student Teaching Director, and see what CCULC can do for your future career as an educator!

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