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Summer Internship Program

The summer program is a great fit for students who:
  • Might not be able to go off campus for a semester due to athletic schedule or course requirements

  • Need a few extra credits for graduation

The Chicago Center’s 8-week summer internship and seminar experience offers undergraduates a meaningful opportunity to live, learn, and grow while earning college credit toward their degree. Spend up to four days each week in a tailored internship, one day in our communities and cultures seminar exploring the city, and the rest of your time taking advantage of all the city has to offer. 

Prior to your arrival in Chicago, you will work closely with a staff member at the Chicago Center to determine your professional goals and the type of internship you need to jumpstart your career. 

  • Internship - up to 6 credits

  • Communities and Cultures Seminar - 3 credits

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