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Urban Internship Program

I felt like, just stepping into this placement, I wouldn't have that much say or my voice wouldn't really matter as much as the people who work here. So that's making me see myself in a different light. It's giving me a lot of confidence and a lot of experience and it's really forced me to step outside of my comfort zone. 

Annie Vitti, Ohio Wesleyan University
North Park Village Nature Park Center

Spring 2023: October 15, 2022

Summer 2023: April 15, 2023

Fall 2023: June 1, 2023


Below is an explanation of credits most students can expect to receive for their participation in the Urban Internship Program. Make sure you meet with your campus advisor for further guidance!

Included in the cost of your program:

  1. Internship

  2. Furnished Apartment

  3. Unlimited transportation via CTA

  4. Food Card

  5. Health and Wellness Support

  6. Orientation Events

  7. Books

Fast facts


 For 50 years, we've been establishing relationships with different internship sites and helping students in all majors find the placement of their dreams. Our network of hundreds of agencies, corporate organizations, arts groups, and other institutions will provide the internship that will allow you to contribute in significant and meaningful ways within a supportive work environment. 

preferred application deadlines

Internship Credits
Communities and Cultures Seminar Credits
Directed Study Credits
6 credit hours
3 credit hours
Fall/Spring Semester
9 credit hours
3 credit hours
3 credit hours

classroom to workplace

Expand your educational experience and live in the great city of Chicago. Take what you've been learning in your classrooms on campus and apply it in a professional setting. You will earn college credit and prepare for your future career through challenging and rewarding internships. Read some of our student testimonials to hear about their transitions from student to professional!


professional development

Chicago Center staff will make sure your placement gives you the necessary experience to advance, develop, and strengthen your professional skill set. Additionally, you will have access to our professional partners and alumni beyond your placement. Regardless of your major or career interests, your internship will give you the hands on experience you are looking for. Check out a video feature of Meghan Kindred, SU'19 from Southwestern College, as she reflects on his internship at the University of Chicago Police Department!

Why complete an internship in chicago?


become a global citizen

At Chicago Center you will literally make Chicago your Classroom in our Communities and Cultures Seminar. Every week, you'll travel out of the traditional classroom and into Chicago's many neighborhoods. Highlighting cultures from around the world, our trusted network of community based resources will introduce you to their neighborhood through historical context, current initiatives, and often their life's work. Get ready to expand your worldview and palate. Click below for an example of a day with our Communities and Cultures Seminar. 

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Tuition and Financial Aid

City Living

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