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What makes Chicago Center internships unique?

Your internship will build your own relationship to Chicago as well as give you your first step into your chosen field of work.  Chicago Center staff will make sure your placement gives you the experience that will advance, develop, and strengthen your professional skill set.  Regardless of your major or career interests, the internship will give you the hands on experience you are looking for.

Our network of hundreds of agencies, corporate organizations, arts groups, and other institutions will provide the internship that will allow you to contribute in significant and meaningful ways within a supportive work environment. 

How will I get the internship I want?

From school placements and social work agencies to business and pre-med to wedding planning and forensic psychology, our dedicated staff is always looking for new and unique sites for our students.  We have access to incredible internship opportunities that offer invaluable learning experiences.

In the Fall and Spring semesters and the Summer Session, orientation will include locating an internship placement site.  As part of our comprehensive placement process you will interview on average at three sites we recommend (and you may choose others) under the guidance of our staff.  We have internships for every major or combination of majors!  The process of interviewing and choosing the placement is a valuable part of the internship experience.  No one has ever failed to find an internship that fits their interest.

In the January and May Post term (three weeks each), which include seven days at a practicum site, there is not enough time for you to interview at different placement sites, so we pre-place you according to your interest areas, major, and requirements of your college as you have indicated them on your application and in your essay.

Foreign Language Opportunities

The language opportunities in Chicago are limitless; from Spanish and Russian, to Japanese there are possibilities for using and developing language skills in your internship no matter what your major.  Chicago Center is an expert at helping you incorporate your special interests into your internship.

What about the Urban Teaching Practicum?

The Urban Teaching Practicum, which includes a five-day-a-week school placement is based on the requirements of your certification, college, and state.  We work closely with you to find the school that will fit your interests and enable you to develop urban teaching skills.  Most of our placements are in the Chicago Public Schools.  Your placement will be confirmed before you arrive in Chicago.

What about the Urban Social Work Practicum?

The Urban Social Work Practicum which includes a five-day-a-week social work placement is based on the requirements of your certification, college, and state.  We work closely with you to find the agency that will fit your interests and enable you to develop urban social work skills.

Examples of Internship Opportunities

We work to make sure that our students are aware of the opportunities and options that the great city of Chicago has to offer.  Browse the sites below,, or give us a call at 1.800.747.6059 with your interests in mind.  Coordinating your major’s requirements with any other interest areas is one of our specialties!  Visit our Student Programs page to learn more about each of the terms. 

Below are areas within which we have developed exciting placements.  As a Chicago Center student your internship opportunities are not limited to the examples listed in the categories below.

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