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Giving to the Chicago Center

We believe in nurturing minds that are inquisitive, ambitious, and primed to leave a lasting impact on the world. It starts with just one student. One dream. One question. And one educational experience that makes it all possible.

At the Chicago Center, we understand that a new way of thinking is often sparked by a question and the right environment to for that question and idea to come to life.


Here, expertise meets vision, and the brightest students are not just educated but challenged to exceed their limits and transform their ambition into tangible achievements.

Your support is critical to our mission. It creates scholarships that open doors for students who dare to ask questions and dream big. It develops programs that provide real-world experiences, which are essential for bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Our unique approach connects inquisitive, ambitious students with the pulse of the city, fostering a deep understanding of urban paradoxes while equipping them with the real-world skills needed to address these complex challenges.

Together, we can work to make the world a more just place—one question, one student, one gift, at a time, all united by one powerful purpose.

Impact Stories

"It has been truly eye opening as I have learned so much in a short time about different cultures and Chicago!  I will be able to carry what I learned with me through my life, so thank you for helping me have this experience in Chicago!

Miranda Billman, FA'23, Bluffton University

Miranda Billman - FA23
Ways to Give

There are many ways to give—and even more reasons to give. Your gifts are an investment in our students, academics, and our city and society. End each gift makes an immediate and lasting impact. Even more, your contributions are tax-deductible, and matching gifts may even double your gift to the Chicago Center. Here are several ways you can begin to change everything.

Make Chicago Their Classroom

Because of your support, students from across the country continue gaining valuable career experience and learning from diverse communities in Chicago. Stories like these prove you are investing in the leaders of tomorrow. Click on the image to watch these alumni tell their story. Click on the photos below to hear more about each alumni story.

Caitlyn-Rae Arendse.jpg
Meghan Kindred
Colin Cosgrove
The Campaign for student Financal Aid
The Campaign for Student Scholarships

Together, we can pave the way for the most talented students to attend the Chicago Center regardless of their ability to afford the program.

The Changemaker Fund

Changemaker Fund is part of the Chicago Center's commitment to dismantling financial barriers for low-income college students who wish to attend the Chicago Center. This innovative fund provides stipends for unpaid internships and increases access for those traditionally excluded due to economic constraints

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