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Living at the Boulevard (our student residence hall) often becomes a nexus for community, and some of the best learning happens in the context of late-night discussions. In fact, our students and alumni often share that they found some of their lifelong friends during their time at the program.

The Boulevard


1347 E. Hyde Park Blvd

Chicago, IL 60615

Hyde Park, a beautiful and diverse lakefront community will become your small town during you time with the Chicago Center.


Located a short walk or bus ride away from dining, shopping, banking, museums, public transportation, and Lake Michigan, your new home away from home is surrounded by all you will need during your semester. With the University of Chicago nearby, Hyde Park is full of college students just like you. It's small town environment will have you feeling right home. 

You'll live in a fully furnished, five bedroom, three bathroom apartment. Spacious living, dining, and sunrooms showcase the grandness of this beautiful brownstone while the extra large kitchens provide you with ample space to prepare your meals. Laundry in basement and steps away from public transportation. 

Packing for Chicago

What to Bring
What Not to Bring
What to Buy After Move-In
Face Mask (The Chicago Center will provide you with more upon arrival)
Laundry detergent
Any comforts of home
Mop and Broom
Groceries (You will do this with your roommates)
Cleaning supplies
Paper Towel and Toilet Paper
Coffee Maker
Hand Soap and Dish Soap
Walking shoes
Hair Dryer
Pots and Pans
Blanket or comforter
Twin Sheets
Come see it all for yourself!
  • How do I get an internship?
    You will work with a member of staff to identify your interests, skills, and career goals so that we can determine three to four organizations that would fit your needs. From that list, you will ultimately decide which organization excites you through interviews and conversations with folks at each organization.
  • Are internships paid?
    Some internships are paid. You can plan to discuss this as part of your placement process with a member of our team.
  • Do you work with students in my specific major?
    We work with students in all majors. No matter your interests, we will help you find the perfect internship to fit your interests and begin your professional career.
  • I don’t see my college listed on your website. Can I still participate in the program?
    Please contact our Admissions Team at
  • What is the cost of the program?
    Please visit the Tuition Page for more information.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    86% of students receive financial aid.
  • How do I apply?
    Begin by filling out our online application and paying the application fee. A member of our staff will follow up with you after you submit your application.
  • Do you have deadlines for the application?
    Spring - October 15 Summer - April 15 Fall - June 1
  • Where will I be living?
    All of our students live together in a three-flat apartment building in Hyde Park. To learn more about the neighborhood and your accommodations, check out our City Living page.
  • Should I bring my car?
    We strongly discourage students from bringing their cars. All of our students learn how to use public transportation through an extensive workshop during the first week of the program. Additionally, parking in the city can be difficult and sometimes expensive.
  • I’m from Chicago. Can I live at home and participate in the program?
    All of our students are required to live in our student housing facility as it is an important part of the program. We’ve worked with Chicago natives in the past who reflect that they were happy they decided to live with other students in the program. If you feel your situation is unique, please submit your petition to live off-site as part of your application. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis.
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