Chicago awaits your arrival! Travel the entire city using your own unlimited public transportation pass, walk to your neighborhood grocery store and shop for dinner, stop in at your local coffeeshop and sip on a latte, grab a bite of authentic cuisine at your favorite world class restaurant, explore the city and all that it offers you.

City Living


We believe the city can become whatever you want it to be. In order to make that sentiment a reality, every Chicago Center student completes an intensive two-week orientation schedule. In just two weeks, you will explore Hyde Park (your new home), learn how to navigate the entire city on public transportation, develop street smarts and complete a safety workshop, visit internationally recognized museums, attend neighborhood tours, and begin to understand the layout of Chicago and its many communities. In just two weeks, Chicago will become home!

Hyde Park is our small town

Your home away 

from home

The living space often becomes a nexus for community among participants, and some of the best learning happens in the context of late night discussions. In fact, lifelong friendships are often developed throughout students' time with the program. This makes Chicago Center a unique program for its participants.