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Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture COVID-19 Plan - spring 2023


COVID-19 Plan Fall 2022

In consideration of the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture’s commitment to maintaining healthy and safe living and learning environments during the COVID-19 pandemic, the following expectations are in place for all students through the duration of the spring 2023 term. We prioritize the health and safety of our students, instructors, staff, and community partners and will update these expectations as needed. 

In the policies and expectations listed below, individuals are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after they have completed the second shot for two-dose vaccines or one shot for one-dose vaccines. At this time, the Chicago Center vaccine requirement can be satisfied with any COVID-19 vaccine authorized by the FDA or WHO. Students are also required to have a COVID-19 booster shot (more information provided by the CDC at this link).
We’re in this together and it is our responsibility, together, to uphold community standards for ourselves and in our community. 
Expectations for Students

Abiding by safety or hygiene standards recommended by the Chicago Center, the Chicago Department Public Health, or the CDC, students:

  • Are required to wear masks indoors and in all common areas at the Boulevard and otherwise advised by the Chicago Center

  • Will follow CDPH and Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Are required to familiarize themselves with the symptoms of COVID-19 and best prevention methods by visiting the CDC website.

  • Are expected to respect the health and safety of others by willingly self-monitoring the ways they are exposing others and diligently taking precautions against it.

Vaccination Status

  • Students are required to be fully vaccinated upon arrival. Individuals are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after they have completed the second shot for two-dose vaccines or one shot for one-dose vaccines. If a student arrives unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, they will be required to wear a mask in common areas (e.g., shared spaces in the apartment and building) and practice social distancing. In addition, unvaccinated students must participate in weekly rapid testing and be fully vaccinated as soon as possible.

  • Students are also required to have received one COVID-19 booster vaccination prior to arriving at the Chicago Center. 

  • Students are expected to follow the Chicago Center COVID-19 Positive Test Case and Illness Protocol if they exhibit symptoms, are exposed to COVID-19, or test positive for COVID-19;

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing

Students are required to submit proof of vaccination for the term via the Chicago Center portal.

All students will be provided with three COVID tests upon arrival at the Chicago Center. Students will be responsible for any additional tests they need throughout the semester. 
Guest Policy

A guest is defined as anyone who does not live in the Chicago Center student housing facility. Fully vaccinated guests are permitted and required to wear masks indoors and in all common areas at the Boulevard, unless otherwise advised by the Chicago Center (Updated as of March 3, 2022). Guests are required to complete the form available in the entryway to the Chicago Center. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Deputy Director
Cameron Dreher-Siefkes.


All classes are offered in-person this semester unless otherwise communicated. All students are required to wear masks during each class this semester. Instructors who are fully vaccinated and who are teaching in-person may do so without a mask, provided they maintain an appropriate distance from students and others in the room.
Internships & Placements

The Chicago Center will work with each individual student and placement site to ensure all parties are comfortable and compliant with local guidelines regarding in-person placements. In addition, each placement site will offer guidance and instruction to the student based on their own protocols.
Chicago Center COVID-19 Positive Case and Illness Protocol
If a student is exposed to, diagnosed with, or develops symptoms of COVID-19, the student must notify Cameron Siefkes-Dreher via
email immediately, and review these CDC recommendations in the meantime. At that time, the Chicago Center will implement our response plan, which includes contact tracing, testing, quarantine, and other measures. The Chicago Center will provide quarantine and isolation housing to students living in a Chicago Center facility.
Organizations throughout Chicago are offering free COVID-19 tests for those who exhibit symptoms or wish to be tested. A list of test sites can be found at this
link. If your illness requires hospitalization, the University of Chicago and Northwestern Memorial Hospital are accessible hospitals.

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