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Executive Director Tyler L. Hough Selected for SEE Fellowship

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

CHICAGO, IL— For more than 50 years, the Chicago Center has been a leader in off-campus study experiences and leveraged the power of place and people to create transformative college student learning through experiential-based internship and practica experiences.

The Chicago Center’s programs offer custom-tailored Chicago experiences that prepare and allow students to test drive their chosen career. The urban internship and social work and student teaching practica programs are designed to help students thrive in the workplace of today and tomorrow through immersive experiences.

The Society for Experiential Education (SEE), the leading professional organization dedicated to using use experiential education as an integral part of personal, professional, civic, and global learning, recently announced Chicago Center Executive Director Tyler L. Hough, MS was selected as part of the second cohort of the SEE Fellows Program.

The Fellows Program brings together emerging practitioner scholars from across the world in the field of experiential education to hone their practitioner-scholar identity and actively engage the field in creation of new knowledge.

"I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue developing my skills as a practitioner scholar. I look forward to weaving together the rich tapestry that is the legacy of the Chicago Center with contemporary practices and research in experiential education pedagogy." - Executive Director Tyler L. Hough

The Chicago Center pioneered critical place-based pedagogy through its unique First Voice approach, where students engage community leaders and participate in other immersive experiences to develop their cultural intelligence.

About the Chicago Center

For 50+ years, the Chicago Center has leveraged the power of place and people to create transformative student learning experiences. Today, the Chicago Center prepares students to be global citizens with greater self-awareness and career preparedness.

We are building a community of critical thinkers devoted to using our talents to build a more just world. By cultivating strategies for thinking and cultural learning through a community-based approach, the Chicago Center prepares our alumni to be lifelong learners and change agents in communities across the globe.

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