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Announcing the Chicago Center’s Changemaker Fund

For Immediate Release


Tyler Hough

(815) 579-0867

CHICAGO, IL— In an effort to increase access, the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture proudly introduces the Changemaker Fund—an initiative committed to dismantling financial barriers for low-income college students who wish to take part in the transformative experiences in the program. This innovative fund provides stipends for unpaid internships, increasing access for those traditionally excluded due to economic constraints, especially students of color, those from low-income backgrounds, or first-generation college students.

"This initiative aligns with our core mission of fostering equitable access to career development opportunities. By offering stipends for unpaid internships, we are breaking down financial barriers that might otherwise hinder talented individuals from participating in these valuable internship opportunities." Executive Director, Tyler L. Hough, MS

The Changemaker Fund was launched with a lead gift from a generous supporter of the Chicago Center. This initiative aims to address the stark reality that not all students can afford unpaid internships.

Henry Bacolor, who interned at the Swedish American Museum in the summer of 2023, stated, "The Chicago Center helped me decide what I want to do after college, gave relevant work experience, and taught valuable career skills. After the program, I felt confident in the path I was taking and prepared to keep following it."

All students automatically qualify for the stipend and will be selected based on the nature of their internships. Contributions to the Changemaker Fund, be they one-time donations, monthly pledges, or participation as a fundraising ambassador, make a tangible difference in a student's life.

Hough said, "The Changemaker Fund is more than just a stipend—it is an investment in the future of our students and our society. Together, we can ensure that every student has the chance to be able to gain meaningful experience in an urban environment."

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