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Staying In The Know: Must Follow Accounts for Chicago Center Students

Updated: Mar 1

By Greer Anderson, Admissions Officer

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, each with its own unique style and personality, just like the people who make it such a great place to live.

Connect to the city's arts and culture, take a walk through a new neighborhood, explore Chicago’s many parks and outdoor spaces, try all the best foods, and find your dream job or internship. Not sure where to start? 

With so much going on, it can be hard to filter down the events. These are a few Instagram accounts our students and staff are following to stay up to date!

  1. @boredinchicago - best known for his “Eating Around the World In Chicago” series, Cameron Brenson is all about finding the best food spots in the city. Through his partnership with @empo_app Chicagoans are finding new places to discover every day.

  2. @thechicagogoodlife - Christine Zwolinkski, your “mom friend around town,” posts a list of events every month for students to check out. She also has stories that are neighborhood specific with places she’s explored!

  3. @chicago_forfree - Looking for city adventures that don’t break the bank? Look no further than Chicago for Free. This account is perfect for college students who are eager to explore the city. Every month, they post a list of free or low cost events throughout the city for people to try. Check it out.

  4. @thingstodoinchicago - available in both English and Spanish, Things To Do In Chicago helps find the secret experiences in the city. Whether it’s stunning library views or a hidden Turkish dining experience, this account helps you explore all aspects of the city. They also partner with other content creators, so keep an eye out for collaborations!

  5. @chicagobucketlist - Part of a larger coalition, this page emphasizes having unique experiences in the city. Often discount codes for different events are available through them, so keep an eye out.

  6. @choosechicago - If you need a quick list of the best things to do in Chicago each week, Choose Chicago is the account for you! They also post free events, which we know our students are always on the hunt for. Their motto is ChicaGO and KNOW!

  7. @secret.chicago - Are you a trendsetter? Perhaps you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind of experience? Or maybe you like to explore off the beaten path? Whatever it is you’re looking for, Secret Chicago has you covered!

  8. @timeoutchicago - A classic in terms of keeping up with Chicago events, Time Out is known for giving its viewers the run downs of the best items in the city. Part news outlet, part travel-guide, all good fun!

  9. @chicagopescatarian - If you consider yourself a foodie, Pooja Naik has some recommendations for you! Whether you like Middle Eastern delicacies or are into Peruvian food, Pooja’s page is full of new places to try. 

  10. @keninchicago - A connoisseur of Chicagoland activities, Kennedy Bloom’s series of “Things to Do In Chicago (Other than going to a bar or restaurant)” has captivated tourists and residents alike!

And there you have it! Just one of the ways to keep up with what’s going on in the city. Remember to keep up to date with all things Chicago Center by following @cculc!

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