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Live, work and learn in Chicago.

Learn from the city firsthand while living in Chicago's historic Hyde Park neighborhood.

Be a student of the city.

With Chicago Center you'll be exposed to diverse urban communities through an innovative practicum unlike any other in the world.

Get to know Chicago Center.

For Forty years Chicago Center has been expanding Liberal Arts Education.

"Childhood is Without Prejudice" by Bill Walker

Make Chicago Your Classroom

Chicago Center equips college students and other participants to learn from diverse urban communities through innovative programs, seminars and internships.

The Center expands the traditional classroom with a community-based, first-voice pedagogy that prepares its students for greater self-awareness and global citizenship.

News & Events

Chicago Center 40th Anniversary Gala

December 13th, 2010

“The Chicago Center for Urban Life Culture has been a great experience to me with the help from the fellow staff. Not only has it benefited my life, but also, it has impacted other lives as well. This was represented in its entirety during the luncheon and the 40th anniversary. The luncheon had a great […]

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After her Chicago Internship Program: Jessica’s Apprentice Highlight

December 13th, 2010

The Urban Apprenticeship is an exciting opportunity we offer Chicago Center alumni that have just graduated college. ┬áMore than a job it offers opportunities for learning and skill development in a supportive urban learning community. The apprenticeship started in 1990 and grew out of the mutual interests of Chicago Center alums to prolong their contact […]

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“I took away a lot from each community, every person... everything came together to give me one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences that I have ever had in my life.”
- Stephanie Kluk, Albion College, Comadres, Fall 2009

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