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Embracing My Heritage series: Liney Figueroa

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Liney Figueroa, SU '21, opens up about how Hispanic Heritage Month allows her to share her culture and traditions with her peers. As an admissions counselor at Alma College, Liney makes an effort to highlight her experience of being Latina and emphasizes the importance of obtaining a college education.

CC: What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

LF: Growing up, I’d always look forward to Hispanic Heritage Month because it was a time

where I could share my culture with my peers, and till this day, I love to share my culture

and my own personal experience growing up as a Latina.

CC: How do you celebrate your heritage?

LF: I celebrate heritage by sharing my Latino traditions with my peers and overall advocate

for Hispanics/Latinx in their fight for the American Dream.

CC: While at the Chicago Center, did you ever visit any Hispanic neighborhoods? If so,
where did you go?

LF: While at the Chicago Center, I visited the Hispanic neighborhood, Pilsen! I absolutely fell

in love with Pilsen. As a Latina myself, walking in that neighborhood felt like home. From

ordering my favorite Mexican food in my native language to speaking with local store

owners about their own story fighting for success in the United States.

CC: Tell us about the work you do now and how you feel you are impacting the
community/communities you serve.

LF: Now, I am an admissions counselor for Alma College. However, in addition to recruiting,

I also share the importance of a college education to the Hispanic community and share

scholarship opportunities with them.

CC: Tell us about any success or highlights since your Chicago Center experience that
we can share with our community.

LF: Since my Chicago Center experience, I’ve been able to appreciate every neighborhood I

step foot in, and for that, I am very grateful!

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