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The Chicago Center to Manage The Philadelphia Center in Partnership With Albion College

For nearly 20 years, Albion College and the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture have collaborated to extend Albion’s campus and create transformative student learning experiences in Chicago. Building on this ongoing partnership, Albion College has signed an agreement with the Chicago Center to begin managing The Philadelphia Center starting this fall.

Executive Director Tyler L. Hough, MS, and Albion College President Wayne P. Webster, Ed.D., (left) have signed a memorandum of understanding allowing the Chicago Center to begin managing The Philadelphia Center.

The Philadelphia Center, reimagined through a partnership with the Chicago Center, integrates urban living, academic study, and professional development with every student’s experience.

Beginning spring 2024, students will have the opportunity to enroll in The Philadelphia Center’s Internship Program. Course credit will continue to be provided through Albion College. The Philadelphia Center will offer internship programs in the summer, fall, and spring semesters. You can learn more at

As interest in cultural intelligence and internship programs on college campuses has increased, the Chicago Center is the ideal partner for The Philadelphia Center’s next chapter. Founded in 1970, the Chicago Center’s rich history in urban internship experiences and unique place-based pedagogical approach will help advance the aims of higher education today.

Many students who complete a semester through the Chicago Center or The Philadelphia Center remember it as a highlight of their college experience. Combining real-world professional experience in a vibrant major city such as Chicago or Philadelphia provides undergraduate students a memorable college semester – and a competitive edge when they graduate.

We believe this partnership will expand internship opportunities for students across our institutions. Through this collaboration, Albion College and the Chicago Center will be able to offer unparalleled opportunities for internships, cultural learning, and urban immersion in Philadelphia.

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